Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My NYC Extravaganza in Mostly Gif Form

This weekend I got to go to New York City to celebrate my book deal.  On the entire ride there, there was a nagging feeling inside me.  I knew I could completely dork-out at any minute and lose my well-practiced composure.  So, I lectured myself.

It was really hard to keep calm and carry on.  I was about to meet my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer.  I was going to hang out with her cool publishing friends.  I was going to MEET MY EDITOR Micki Nuding.  So, before the big reveal I just meditated about not being a total fruit bat and ended up feeling like this:

I was ready.  A kind and delightful friend I met at a writer conference let me stay at her apartment, so I took her along with me on the literary extravaganza.  She helped me keep my cool until I spotted her.  Jessica.  The best agent on earth.  So, then this happened:

She was gracious and wonderful and didn't even care that I probably cracked a rib. The lounge we met at was amazing, a really secret prohibition-style Speakeasy, complete with a copper bath tub in the middle  of the floor and velvet couches.  It was swanky and rad and we felt fancy.

Jessica's friends were SUPER COOL.  Writers, editors, agents, foodies, the list goes on.  They were all absolutely hip and fascinating.  Like, it's probably a good thing I don't live nearby otherwise I'd be knocking on their doors every day:

So this place, these people, were nothing short of incredible.  I feel like I talked all night and felt like a total rock star.  I should note that I only had one drink because I'm a complete lightweight and didn't want to end up looking like this:

Anyway, the next day, Jessica and I toured the city and had a total blast.  I got to see literary treasures, explore fascinating landmarks, and eat ramen.  These noodles, guys, they were BEYOND GOOD.  I was in a slurp-induced coma for hours later.

And that worried me.  The next day, we would be not just MEETING my editor,  (MY EDITOR.  MY SIMON AND SCHUSTER EDITOR) but we would be eating with her.  So not only was I terrified that I'd accidentally:

...but now I had to worry about my table manners.  Noodles you can slurp and still be a classy dame.  Real food, well, let's just say I'm a little enthusiastic when I like something.

I had a little nibble beforehand so I wasn't totally ravenous, but I knew I was in trouble when I saw the menu.  It was amazing. I wanted everything.  As I ogled, Micki walked in and sat with us.  I was so nervous.  When she first sat down and we exchanged pleasantries, I felt like I didn't have much actual content to say.

But after a sip of wine and a few bites of my delicious dish (called mash and cheese: potatoes, gruyere, duck confit, arugula and magic), I started to become myself again.  And I talked, and she listened, and it was absolutely magical.  She is such an interesting, fun, and overall brilliant person that I couldn't believe I was actually sitting there, listening to a senior editor of such a major publisher gush about my book.  It was surreal.

After a few hours of chatting, eating and sipping wine, we all had to part ways.  I was sad to leave, but so energized by the visit that I'm still buzzing with positive vibes.  I wish every writer could experience this. 

Even though I'm home now, I'm still overjoyed by the steps in this process that are still to come.  Picking covers, doing interviews, even copy edits are things that I simply can't wait for. 

And I managed to not do this.