Friday, April 5, 2013


Ok, so after an ABSURD amount of fun and games being a slush zombie and critiquer for Pitch Madness and #pitmad, I've decided to add a segment to the blog.

It's called Pitchslap Fridays.

I'm opening up to writers out there who need their queries or pitches critiqued.  Email me your pitch or query, and on Friday I'll pick my favorite and critique it on the blog.  Sometimes I'll pick one that is doing everything right and point out why it's effective.  Other times, well, it's gonna get a big ol' pitchslap. 

The sting subsides, leaving only euphoria, I promise.

Anyway, we'll start next week.  Email minavaughnwrites at gmail dot com with the subject line: PITCHSLAP: TITLE of your book. 

Looking forward to some slap-happy Fridays!